2016 Results

2016 Results

The Keyesville Classic Mountain Bike Enduro-Style Stage Race is a true all-mountain event. It rewards those with the fitness and speed for a long cross country race, the lungs and legs for a sprint-like short track, and downhill focus and control on the Super D. It tests riders and their choice of steed, as all-mountain racers ride the same bike in all three disciplines. We feel that all-mountain races are a true test of versatility and all-around skill.

All-Mountain Stage Race Elite Men Cat 1/Pro:

  1. Eric Bostrom
  2. Jose Pacheco
  3. Menso De Jong
  4. Tinker Juarez
  5. Brian Gordon

All-Mountain Stage Race Elite Women Cat1/Pro:

  1. Larissa Connors
  2. Elizabeth Westerman
  3. Fiona Swartz

Congratulations to all our 2016 Racers!

Below you’ll find PDF files of the complete results.

Cross Country Results: 2016-03-20 – Keyesville Classic XC Results

Short Track Results: 2016-03-19 – Keyesville Classic Short Track XC Results

Super D Results: 2016-03-19 – Keyesville Classic Super D Results

All-Mountain┬áStage Race Results: 2016-03-20 – Keyesville Classic All-Mountain Stage Race Results