Course & Venue

Keyesville Classic 2018 Venue

The Keyesville Classic is held at the Keyesville Recreation. area located near Lake Isabella and is held on BLM land. Directions can be found by searching “Keyesville Recreation Area Lake Isabella”. The main venue is located approximately one mile West on Keyesville Rd. off Hwy. 155, north side of Keyesville Rd. Please respect the area, people LIVE here. Parking and camping in and around the venue is encouraged. It’s a Keyesville Classic tradition. DO NOT BLOCK any roads and DO NOT park and camp in areas marked “NO CAMPING/PARKING”. Thanks! A campfire permit is required! Go to: for campfire permit info.

2018 Race Courses

Note that 2017 courses will be similar to previous years. The 2016 race courses are posted here for reference and are subject to change.

Keyesville is known for its varied terrain: steep technical sections, jeep roads, and fast narrow singletrack. March in the Kern River Valley could mean daytime temperatures anywhere from 45 – 75 degrees.

Courses will be posted to Garmin Connect by March 1st. The courses are subject to change as conditions dictate, so follow the course markings on race day!

Cross Country:


The cross country course will be based on the original Keyesville Classic Course, an approximately 8.25 mile loop that includes fast downhill singletrack, climbs, rutted jeep road, fast, flowy single track, and fire roads. Each lap has approximately 1200′ of climbing/descent.

MAPS AND GPS file links will be posted soon for 2018 courses.

Laps by Category:

Cat 1/Open/Pro: Three Laps

Cat 2/Sport: Two Laps

Cat1/Beginner: One Lap

Vintage: One Lap

Short Track

The Short Track is a 1 mileish lap of fire road, double track, some sweet fast sweepers, berms and some up and down in and around the main race venue.

Super D:

The Super D (formerly the Downhill) features the infamous Snake Pit section and the traditional side hill start and super drop to the finish. No shuttle to the top, we ride! The Super D finishes a short distance from the main venue.


By tradition, this is an all mountain stage race scored by points and consisting of a short track, Super D and a cross-country event. You may enter 1 or 2 single events as well. Only riders entering all 3 events will be scored for the overall all mountain stage race. The AMSR consists of a rider entering and completing all 3 events in the same category and on the same bike. Helmets and clothing may be changed. Categories are “OPEN”. This means you may enter ANY category you like. Some riders who are licensed might be a Cat 1 for Super D and a Cat 3 for XC. This “OPEN” format allows you to choose the best category for your overall ability. Please do so fairly and have FUN. If you enter the stage race you must remain in the same category for all 3 events. Points are awarded for each event for 1st thru 10th ONLY for riders doing the stage race. If you win or place in the top 10 of a particular race and are NOT doing the stage race the points are awarded to the next person who IS doing the stage race. You do however collect the prize for that race if you place in the top 3:

Points will be awarded for each category: 1st place, 20 points; 2nd place, 17 points; 3rd Place, 16 points, 4th place, 14 points; 5th place, 12 points; 6th place, 10 points; 7th place, 8 points; 8th place, 6 points; 9th place, 3 points; 10th place, 1 point. for each discipline.

At the end of the XC event the top 3 riders in each category will be crowned for the AMSR podium. The AMSR overall awards the top 3 in each category (top 5 in elite/PRO men and women) with the same prize list that is listed for each event. Each event also has places and prizes separate from the AMSR, see the schedule below. In the event of a tie for the AMSR winner of any category there will be a 100 meter standing start sprint on the bike in the main venue with heckling and cheering

For the Keyesville Classic All-Mountain Stage Race Rules click here.

Kidz Race:

The Kid’s race is a short course around the main staging area. Nothing a four-year-old can’t handle, and enough of a workout for a 9 year old to have a great time. The course will be laid out so that the crowds cheering will keep them motivated through the laps of the course. This is the new generation of mountain bikers! Sunday afternoon at approximately 12;45 pm, and it’s free! Register on-site on Sunday for free. Every kid wins a prize.